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About Zoom Auto Finance

What makes us different?

1.) We mean it when we say FAST, FRIENDLY, and FLEXIBLE. We could also throw in FAIR and FUN! We are FAST – offering a 15-minute on-site decision – guaranteed! We are FLEXIBLE in the areas that matter most to you – down payments and payments. We look forward to proving it! We are FRIENDLY – easy to say AND easy to prove. Just stop by! ZOOM on in to see for yourself!

2.) ZOOM customers appreciate the affordable down payments. ZAF’s finance program allows sales tax to be paid with each payment, NOT upfront like most dealerships. That’s huge! It means more of you hard-earned dollars go to down payment which always helps with approval! Short on cash? Ask the ZOOM Team about paying some now, some later. Just part of how we make it easier to get the car you need when you need it!

3.) ZOOM includes WARRANTY protection! 24 months or 24,000 miles! Feel like dancing? Go ahead!  WE LOVE TRADES – in ANY condition! And we treat trades as down payment which always helps with approval and sometimes helps to lower payments. No trade-in is too ugly ! Let us help!